Welcome to Meridian Informatics

Meridian Informatics develops flexible customised software solutions for banks, corporate treasuries, insurance companies and other financial service providers. We use proven enterprise technologies (J2EE & .NET) applied via "Agile" development methods to deliver solutions with long term business value.

Since Meridian's formation in 1989 we have achieved 100% project success for our clients. Many of these systems have remained in use with clients and supported by Meridian more than ten years after implementation, evolving and growing with client's business needs and environment.

We specialise in applications with "challenging" requirements; complex business rules, difficult data structures and demanding system interfaces. Our core skill is simplifying and rationalising the complexity to deliver flexible, extendable and maintainable business solutions.

Meridian's clientele includes many of Australia’s largest companies together with a range of international organisations. We are based in Sydney Australia but have a national, regional and global focus.

How Have We Achieved This Success?

  • Long term multi-disciplinary teams with a focus on achieving business value
  • Meridian's culture of personal & team responsibility and a passion for delivering working solutions
  • Using appropriate, proven, standards based and open technologies
  • Customer centred and delivery oriented development methodology

Our development approach (Meridian Way) is based on customer and delivery focused principles that have more recently been expressed in "Agile" development methodologies. We believe,

  • "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software"
  • "Delivered working software is the primary measure of our progress"

Our Capabilities?

Meridian has successfully delivered solutions in a diverse range of business areas including

  • Business, Corporate and Institutional level electronic banking, payments systems, transaction services and e-finance
  • Corporate Treasury; Debt, Cash & Risk Management; Foreign Exchange; Derivatives
  • Comprehensive Product, Service & Transactional Billing applications
  • Superannuation, Securities and Investment Management
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Operational, Prudential & Regulatory Reporting

Protecting Your Investment

Central to our approach is the long term protection of client's software investments by effective dedicated support services proven to maintain and extend the relevance and value of those investments in a changing world.

We would of course like to do the same for you, thanks for visiting our site. We also maintain agilian.net as our enterprise agile identity site.